Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally new items!


I have been absent from making new creations for quite sometime now and I am truly sorry to neglect this blog/store without any updates,, =__=

after moving to a new location it just got quite hectic and stressful, I was not motivated and overwhelmed to create anything for a really long time but I remembered how wonderful and fun it was to create something.

 With your support through out the years I was able to continue this little handmade store. made me happy to know that someone out there owned my creation, I hoped that it was putting a smile on their face that was most rewarding things to me and so I want to continue this little store with you. 

Thank you again for ALL YOUR SUPPORT!
I promise to make you items that are filled with much quality and attention, most of all made with LOVE!

For reopening special please use this discount code: OPEN for extra 5% OFF your $15 or more order!


Today I want to introduce you to Gabi! ekiLove's first model :)
Actually she is Zach's sister-in-law hehe She came all the way from Brazil! She made the big move to US all by herself without her family and friends which I completely understand how it feels to be alone so I wanted her to work with me with ekiLove projects since she also loves creating stuff!

 Gabi will be helping me from modeling the creations to putting our creative minds together to create even more creations~ I hope that with our Japanese & Brazilian minds together you will see some new unique creations to come!


comes in 6 different shades to choose from! made with swarovski 8mm crystal hand woven with durable cotton cord finished off with gold plated adjustable chain, made with much patience and made with quality!

made with Vintage no longer made rare swarovski 10mm crystal connector with swarovski crystal earring stud all made with gold plated quality materials! IT quite dainty and beautiful piece :) Rare and limited in quality!

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