Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Updates and new items

Hi Loves♥

It been a while as always with me... Im sorry!! +__+ 

Finally an update and new items in the store! Just a sad little news,, prices of sterling silver has gone up in recent months so I had to adjust my prices alittle higher than usual prices.. I hate to do it but can't go in the negatives,, too much stress as already so please understand, Im sorry D;

Oh and thank you for ekiLove hitting 1K+ followers!! Been trying to get the giveaway going since I think 2 year ekiLove store anniversary was last month or this month?? I need to look it up but so belated with everything :sigh: so please stay tuned for that~ 

Thank you for all your LOVE and SUPPORT yay 2 years!♥

ok alittle news got in more swarovski crystal and very excited to get in Light Rose AB crystal hearts in!! Every time I order Lt Rose AB was sold out,, very popular color indeed so really happy to get this crystal in :D

So here are the new items below!

Also thank you everyone that has supported me in raising fund for Japan! Still going to give 25% of all proceeds to Japanese Red Cross since the situation are still the same over there and with the radiation issue still uncertain with the lever bar raised this week my heart is still with the people over there Hoping things gets better for them.

Thanks you♥


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