Monday, March 28, 2011

Updates & Thank you Tokidoki! :)

 Hi Loves♥

Havent had time to update you with what's been going on here so here it goes~

First thing,  Tokidoki and Josh Duhamel has came up with a ways to help the victims of Japan relief aid with American Red Cross, they had a relief run this past sunday in Santa Monica to raise funds for Japan earthquake and tsunami victims! Duhamel has already raised more than $90,000 for relief efforts in T-shirt sales alone! 100% proceeds of this Tokidoki relief gears will be donated to Red Cross Japan Fund :D What better way to support this great cause with a kawaii Tokidoki t-shirt and bag! I did end up getting the tshirt and the bag :) 

Here is a article of the relief run along with Josh and wife Fergie, Paris and Nicki Hilton supporting the relief run~ :D 
 ok back to the topic of update~ :D

wanted to update you with how our aid funds are going so far! With your help and support ekiLove has raised and donated $1464 so far!! I can not tell you how much this has made me happy to see all of your support and lending me your hands in this most important time in my life, my heart is in Japan, it makes my heart aches for all the people that was affected in this tragic event. I am so saddened by this event and I just wanted to help those in need cause I felt helpless being here outside of Japan,, isnt much but wanted to help out with whatever I could, so thank you for helping me in this time of need.

Thank you, Arigatou gozaimasu. m-__-m 

I kept of donating every time I sold an items cause I wanted my funds to reach the people as soon as possible so I have way too many receipts to show you so I wanted to share my first receipts of 50,000 yen = $618 Japanese Red Cross society and $211 Save the children Funds, in all I think I ended up donating a little bit more to the Japanese Red Cross cause they can use the funds right away :)

I blurred out my personal infos for my protection,, sorry X3

Also finally got in some of the crystals I've been waiting on still waiting on other half D;
I think I am going to extend the giving portion of the sales to Japan aid funds but I need to reduce the proceed amount a little since its getting really expensive on me,, maybe to 30% of all proceeds? I dont want to but to maintain the store I need to do that :( 

All of the ekiLove jewels are made with swarovski crystals and pearls, hoping to get more variety of crystals and shades in so please stay tune for new creations! Oh I did get in one of swarovski's new crystal heart shape called Devoted to U heart ♥

I already made few new creations but havent had the time to take pictures yet... :sigh:

Well that is it for now will update you on new creations soon! Again THANK YOU everyone that has supported me I truly appreciate everything and every single one of you hunnies! Thank you :hugs:

Those who are still waiting for your order thank you for being so patient with me, I cannot tell you how much it means to me♥


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