Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please help Japan!


as of now 3/15 6:24pm with your support ekiLove have raised total amount of $829!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support! I changed my mind about where to donate to since most places have not even deployed funds and I want our funds to be used immediately so decided to go with Japanese Red Cross society instead so going to be donating to Japanese Red Cross & Save the children now!!


If you like to also donate to Japanese Red Cross society here is the link


 Thank you so so MUCH! I am overwhelmed by your support!


ALL items in the store's 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the following Aid Organizations till end of this month!

I choose the following 3 place to donate to since I know Red cross are getting much more exposure and everyone already has been donating to there much more than this 3 places so decided on this organizations :) Each donations will be divided equally to each relief fund. I wish I could donate all 100% of the proceeds but I do have to cover for paypal fee and for all the supplies please understand,,,  +___+;;
Thank you so much for your support and LOVE! I will thank you for all the people in Japan, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!

Global giving
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund - a GlobalGiving Project
Basic Needs and Human Services

GlobalGiving supports grassroots projects around the world. This project will disburse funds to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. GlobalGiving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground to provide relief to victims.

Hands on Tokyo
Basic Needs and Human Services

Hands On Tokyo addresses the critical needs of the community by partnering with other organizations focusing on environmental, educational, and social issues in Tokyo. By collaborating with our partners to create projects designed to meet their needs, we provide numerous volunteer opportunities for any individual or corporation looking to make a difference in the community.

Save the Children: Emergency Response
Basic Needs and Human Services; Education; International

Save the Children responds to emergencies that put the survival, protection, and well-being of significant numbers of children at risk. Your donation to the Save the Children Emergency Fund will help address all the crises to which Save the Children responds, including the response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I will update you on how much we have all together funded in this donation! ^__^

If there is other relief fund organization you would like for me to donate to please let me know!
 Thank you so MUCH for showing much support to me and my home country, Japan! Makes me super emotional when I think about this♥


Here are the following new items in the store,

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