Friday, November 19, 2010

Store Updated!


Had some technical difficulties with the internet connectivity for the past few days and I could not update the store or blog but its finally back working and the internet people are supposed to come look at the connection tomorrow so hope they will finally get it working because having the internet connection that are in and out are truly frustrating... may be the snow storm cause some issues with the internet lines :(

so the store is finally updated along with restock items list of:
Kawaii star Bracelet
Butterfly earring
Royal Hime earring
Doll bow earring
Elegant Necklace

Got a Holiday coupon code for you!

5% off your order with purchase of $20 or more CODE: 5%off
expires 11/22/01

also another Holiday special:

Sweet Bow necklace is on sale price just for the Holiday!
Originally $26  On sale $22

Here are some of the new items that are in the store♥

 Thx for stopping by♥


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