Monday, October 18, 2010

Store opening delay

Hello there,

I wanted to apologize for the delay in re-Grand opening of ekiLove store due to my health reasons. I havent been feeling 100% for the past few weeks and so it has finally catched up to me... I am now super sick. I do not want to re-open my store while I am sick and handling your items while I am coughing and sneezing like crazy everywhere, it might possibly pass on my cold to you and it is just not pretty wrapping your gifts like that lol.... >_<

so please give me few days to rest so that I can give you my 100% service to you! :)

I am truly sorry about this news and making you all wait longer and causing an confusion in accessing into the store. I will have the store up and running in few days I will keep you all updated, I will make sure to make you happy with special Thank you coupon code to show my appreciating to you! ^__^

Thank you so much for supporting ekilove.


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