Friday, October 15, 2010


Its been a while since my late update and I am truly sorry for not updating you with some news till now...X3

I have moved into a new place and moving took alot of my time away from working on ekilove since I took a week off from my work to move so I had tons of stuff I needed to catch up on, finally I am fully settled in, catched up on my work and so I am ready to reopen my store again! 

I also have a new e-commerce ekilove store for you to shop at which will make navigating in my store alot more easier along with special coupon code that can give out for you to redeem in my store! :D well I am still testing out my store making sure everything works accordingly at the moment so I do plan to re-open my store this Sunday!

well thank you for always supporting ekiLove and being so patient with me!♥

p.s I am stil going to do ekiLove Royal customer giveaway with letting viewers vote for their favorite ekiLove customer photo but I had to put it on hold since I was overwhelmed with too many stuff going on at one time and so I am going to make it a bigger and better giveaway!! will let you know more detail next time 

so if you like to enter in my Royal Customer Giveaway please send me your photo with you and your favorite ekiLove creation or you can be creative if you are camera shy :P

please email them to me! :)

 email me with the Subject:Royal Love giveaway photo


here are some of ekilove Royal customer entries♥ ^__^

 I will have lots of new and old creations for sale  ^__^
 Here are some of the new creations below!


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