Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preview of new items~

 Hello there~♥

I always start my post here with "its been a while" lol Im sorry for that and it always has been a while =__=;; well just been really busy with life and finally I am taking time to update my store and share alittle bit of news!

I was going to post new items and restock some of the popular items but I realized that I am low of packaging supplies like jewelry boxes so I ordered them monday so hopefully I get them this weekend so I will post new items this Friday :D

also with the update of the giveaway: Thank you so much for entering and supporting ekiLove!~♥  ^__^

also for the Royal giveaway for past ekiLove customers please let me know what you would like for me to do and give me some of your opinions since I have been getting emails about the current rules are not being fair to the ones that have not gotten their ekiLove to take photos of and the ones that already are there have way more advantage of it having votes already so:

1. should I choose a winner from like before from the testinomials so the winner will be completely random


2. Have more fun and have you guys send me photos of your ekilove and post it all up at one time so people can vote for your photo since I would LOVE to see all you of  guys wearing ekiLove since I hardly see them in action lol♥

Please let me know what you like instead would be much appreciated!

Here are some of the new items that I have been working on ^___^

well thank you for your support & LOVE always♥


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