Saturday, September 11, 2010

New items are now in store!


Thank you for always waiting for me to update the store and Im always behind in doing so and Im terribly sorry about that :( Just been having one of those days lately and pms doesnt help either.... =__+
well lots of starts and colorful designs this time around since love multi colored jewels since they are so cheerful and kawaii so wanted to make some this time since I got in really kawaii swarovski stars that they finally came up with in light rose and aquamarine crystal stars so I was really happy that they did since I always wondered why I really didnt see them around :D

I also made my hime headband in a barrette style so you can wear them however you like! It really kawaii if you wear them in a bun or a pony tail or on the side like in the photo♥  I have modeled them so you can get the idea of how big they are :)

P.S Royal Giveaway news!

After much response I have decided that I am going to be accepting your photos and post it all at the same time for voting♥ Everyone seems to be happy with this rules instead so please email me your photos of you with your favorite ekiLove creation along with your name with "subject: Royal Love giveaway photo" and submitted to 
will be accepting your photos till 9/25 and will have it up for voting after that in ekiLove facebook page for voting :D

I am adding more gifts and adding a second winner as well♥

Thank you so much for all the input and joining in on showing love for ekiLove♥

take care Loves!

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