Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates :D

Hi hI♥
its been a while since my last updates :P

First I finally took my time to open ekiLove Facebook page since I think its a good way to interact with my customers and with other ekiLove owners as well and you can post your own photos to share with other kawaii item Lovers♥ and Love seeing all of you with your items as well so I would appreciate ALOT to see you there so we can all keep in touch & interact more♥

also I got whole bunch of new stock of items in so you will see new creations with more of a Hime/kawaii theme currently obsessed with BOWS!! well Ive always been but its over the top right now.... >_< lol

here is a new headband with pretty floral print Japanese fabric! currently trying to make other type of bow with different types of fabrics that are more soft&flowy but they are much harder to sew so after I perfect it I will have them up but for now I only have this print for sale ^^;;

will have new stock updated for sale tomorrow so thank you for being so patient with me♥

Always thank you so much for supporting my kawaii handmades♥


 Got new shipment of swarovski crystals too~
so I now have more selection of color in 18mm hearts to choose from♥
also they are swarovski's newest type of hearts crystal that are cut in Xilion style so its alot more sparkly and beautiful~!!

got in 
18mm swarovski Vitral light xilion hearts
14mm swarovski clear ab xilion hearts


  1. Gorgeous! As always :)

  2. Oh I love these new items, there are perfectly cute! But in fact all your accessories are pretty! ;)

    J'adore! <3