Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preview and updates

Its been LONG time since my last update,, Im so sorry for the lack of them =__=;; been trying to find time to make new items and juggle with my work which is really stressing me out so it was really nice to just sit and make pretty things :3

Here is a little previews of the items that will be in stock tomorrow~ well I guess new items are going to me mostly silver and I will be restocking Hime necklace as well♥ ^__^

Thank you so much for always supporting ekiLove and Thank you so much for all the sweet email and messages you have sent to me! really made my day and makes it so worth doing this knowing that my creation have put a smile on your face! THANK YOU! XD

Oh and I am TRULY sorry for the delay in replying back to your emails,, please be patient with me I am going through them one by one! or if you havent heard back from me more than 4-5 days please email me again sometimes emails gets lost in my stupid spam box :(

well that is it for now and again thanks for being so patient with me~♥


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