Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preview of new creations~



Its been a LONG time since my last update X3
wanted to share some of the new items that I have been working on and Bringing back one of my requested creation from the past but made with slight upgrade and along with other popular items will be restocked :)

As always all of my items are made with LOTS OF LOVE and with quality materials♥

Planning to update the store tomorrow and I have made lots of quantities per items so  hopefully they dont sell out too fast ^__^

will keep you updated!

thank you for all the support as always~


Gift with purchase nail deco sticker with every order~ :D


  1. Hey, do you just sell the nail decor stickers? :D

  2. Wow!! The new creations look amazing!! =) I know you said you didn't make the flower stud earrings, but they are really cute! I can't wait to see them tomorrow posted! Around what time? Night time I hope because I'll be in school from morning till 4:30 here in LA =(. Hopefully I'll catch your items on time! =) THanks for posting a preview! =)

  3. EEEEE i see some familiar pieces ;D

  4. Everything is so lovely as always! And I can't wait for your headbands! Glad you're feeling better enough to pump out the creative beauty! :)

  5. i love the gold ribbon you use to decorate your pouches :D where do you get yours from?

  6. Honestly, why must you be so talented and creative?
    These are gorgeous!!

  7. i like the first and second ones!

    the other ones are also nice!