Friday, June 18, 2010



Just a quick update :)
Most items are Sold out but there are few items still left but I am restocking the following items below due to much high demands and requests in about a week~ just waiting for the supplies to make them and will be adding some new items as well!♥

Thank you so much supporting my handmade creations as always!

Please stay tuned~



  1. YAY! Gosh last night I was just complaining to my boyfriend that the necklace I wanted was sold out ): haha

    I will definitely watch out for right when you re-stock :D I can't miss out again haha now that pouch looks really tempting too...or dear.

  2. Hi Eki!
    I just wanted to let you know that I received your package today. Thank you so much! ^__^ I was so excited when I saw it. After I got home from my summer classes, I was like blehhh, but when I saw the pouch, I was like OMGOSH ♥_♥ haha xDD This is my first time ordering from your site and I`m so happy~ I really love it, it`s super cute :33 I`ll take very good care of it [: I look forward to your new creations! Keep up the awesome work! \(^_^)/