Monday, June 7, 2010

update :)

Hi there♥
its been a while since my last update X3
Just a little update :)

Havent been really motivated to created stuff lately, my mind have been everywhere and I just couldnt find good time to create.. lately I really missed creating stuff so my creativity is coming back I guess its a withdraw of some sort lol

so I got the sewing machine in use again so you should see some new sewing items soon just been waiting for the ykk zippers I have ordered :D

I am planning to have new items for sale this weekend! so please stay tuned for some previews~

here are some sneak peak at some of the fabric I got over the weekend! and also managed to make some Digi camera case too♥
I have been into nautical theme lately so making some nautical themed pouches as well~ :3

just random photos from my craft room~! Im starting to get back into photography again too!
I have been really missing out on the things that makes me happy so I gotta get back into doing all that♥


  1. NEW POUCHES YAY! I have money now lols <333

    also, can you still put pspgo pouches on your future list maybe? :3

  2. Did you say digi cam case????? =D lol i seriously love your sewing items <3
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this time ;)

  3. Oooh, I can't wait to see what you've made! :D

  4. can't wait for your nautical items!! sounds awesome :D

  5. cant wait to see your lovely creations! :-}

  6. hi eki! Can't wait for this weekend to come! Wanna see what you have for sale! :)

  7. Summertime always makes me really like the nautical colors! I'm glad you're getting your creativity back. It's not always easy to just jump back into things. Looking forward to the sale this weekend! :)

  8. oooh Eki~ I'm excited to see all of your creations up this weekend ^__^ I've been busy too and haven't even written up a review on my last order with you =( I'm graduating this Friday and will surprisingly be just as busy right after since I have to go right back into summer school >__<. BUt I will definitely be back to check this weekend ^__^ Keep up the good work!

  9. Cute little cam cases Eki! :) And kawaii little iron! LOL!

  10. Can't wait to see! I love seeing pics of people's crafting areas, I feel it gives you a nice insight into it all =)

    I'm glad your finding time to get back into all the things you love doing! You only live once, you should make it a happy life!! =D

    Hope your resting well and having a great week Eki! <3

  11. I can't wait!! Have enjoyed using the Alice Travel pouch so much - I keep my purse, car key and mobile phone in it. Thank you eki for creating such lovely items. I am eyeing your digital camera case now.