Saturday, June 12, 2010

small Preview and alittle bit about my handmade item

Hi~ Just a small update and preview♥
I was originally planning to update the store Saturday but I have to work on a shoot soI have to push it back till either Sunday or Monday... :(

So please wait alittle longer thank you! ♥

Ok so I since I can't put up the item tomorrow I wanted to share alittle of behind the scene since I dont share much about that with you all and I am sorry I just forgets to show you the process of my handmade but Im sure you will like to know more about what you are gonna own and how they where made right? :3 It take alot of LOVE, time and dedication to make sewing items so I am always proud of my sewing items and I hope that you can tell the love that was put in each items I make♥

Before I make a sewing item I am always thinking about what design and materials I want for that pouch and then I go on a hunt for that materials but in US its hard to find pretty fabrics for some reason so I have to either buy imported fabric from etsy or use fabrics that I found at my local craft store, I make all of my sewing item from scratch from the patterns to the decoration such as the bow you see here :D

I make everything with much thought and love that is why I really cant make an item when Im like stressed out or have too many thing on my plate but this is my outlet to express myself and this is what I love to do, creating something and knowing that whatever I made is putting a smile on someones face♥

 For all of my pouches I use YKK zipper since they are quality zippers and it will not jam or break easily~ for this pouch and for another pouch in I bought the zippers in the same shades so it looks more kawaii when everything are matching :D

Here are some few of the items you will see in the store below!

Thank you so much for all the support and love for ekiLove♥
and always thank you for stopping by!



  1. oooo i can't wait! those pouches look so cute <3 you have awesome sewing skills sis! not to mention your gyaru style jewelry :D i'm glad it's a creative outlet! you're so sweet to make these to put smiles on other people's faces <3

  2. Oh my gosh. I love your pouches! I feel like I need to buy another one.. which makes me wonder if I really need three pouches... >.<! I really like first pair of earring as well. I'm excited as usual for the sale!

  3. GAAHHHH those star earrings are soo cute. ^^ Shame I don't have my ears pierced >.<

  4. Aaaahh...your earrings make me wish I had pierced ears! :)

    I love the color combos and bows on your new pouches - very girly & Summer!

  5. I love it when sellers show us some behind the scene pictures of what they do ^^.

    I took a break from the last 2 batches lol.. i wonder if i can do it again for this batch.....or maybe i won't haha.. ayee we will see ;) But i want to get another pouch from you and maybe some earrings lol ><

  6. wow!! Thank you for showing us some of the behind the scenes of what your creations are made of ^__^! I look forward to seeing your new creations either on Sunday or Monday~ Work hard Eki! Much love**

  7. oooh pretty!!!! All your items are super pretty. :)

  8. Those new pouches are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see the blue and red one in finished phase and those wing earrings look really fun. Thank you for sharing more about your process, I always find it fascinating to see how stuff is made.

    (Truth be told I find I get all wrapped up in shows like Modern Marvels and How It's Made for the same reason.)

    Anyway, I love your new stuff. Our anniversary is coming up, maybe I can hint to my husband that I need a pair of eki earrings! *^^*

  9. aww the pouches and the bows are very cute!

  10. Oh my, that blue polka dotted pouch with the brown ribbon is GORGEOUS! I <3 it!! Love the photos hun, great work =) xx