Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preview and updates

LONG~ time~ since my last update here and I am truly sorry for the wait. But for you that patiently waited for me THANK YOU SO MUCH!♥ After my trip to FL I had alot going on things were just hectic and couldnt find time todo the stuff I truly love like creating and making kawaii items.. but I finally had time to clear my head and make items! ^__^

well I got alot of new goodies to show you but here is just a small preview and and update with you guys about ekiLove, Happy to tell you I got some really nice goodies for GWP with ekilove to spoil you guys and a giveaway soon! :D 

I just have to take my time to make a video for the giveaway announcement to show my appreciation to you, I will have 2 giveaway one for ekiLove's belated 1 year store anniversary and one on my personal blog to just say thank you to my readers~♥

I will have new pouches, earrings, necklaces for sale monday night!

Thank you for always showing me love and support♥


 Here is the preview for the upcoming giveaway♥
Thanks to my 2 sponsors for all the Lioele items and for the Gransenbon eyeshadow palette still in process of adding more items ^__^


  1. I can't wait for Monday night! I love all the bows and the little heart studs are adorable! I've really been into Liole products lately so that's also very exciting as well. I can't wait! :3

  2. Welcome back!! That looks likes it's going to be a great giveaway & I can't wait for your sale on Monday! <3

  3. I really like the new stuff, especially the middle necklace with the chandelier crystal under the bow, I'm looking forward to seeing what your new collection brings!!


  4. aww..eki. i cant wait to see more of your creations! love the new necklaces


    sorry for the over excitedness
    im just really happy ekilove is up and running again
    cant wait for your new items! <3

  6. those earrings look beautiful :)

  7. omg i just did a crazy double take... that necklace perfectly matches the earrings i just posted about! XD

  8. OMG!!! The first pair of earrings are so... unbelievably cute *drools*

    Wow, your giveway stuffs looks fantastic too o.O;;

  9. Welcome back Eki! Happy to see you posting again ^_^ I love the new items!

  10. Wow~!! Really nice items Eki!! the first pair of earrings matches the necklace you made before =). How cute!! That's a huge giveaway that you have posted at the bottom! I'm excited to see your pouches too~ I will definitely try to check back here tomorrow as often as I can =) Thank you for all of your hardwork =]!

  11. The bows & Brioles are soo gorgeous Eki! WEll we know you've been busy & you had your much needed vaca! Don't worry!

    And you always spoil your EkiLove customers! Look at that great giveaway prize! :)

  12. Love your earrings, so beautifullllllll