Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updates! sneak preview~

 I forgot to say that I am extending the customer appreciation giveaways to the 4/18th since that will give time for the currently being delivered orders to get a chance to enter also!♥


Just alittle updates, just got alot of the orders shipped out so I am planning to post one more small batch before my trip to FL on 4/20 so I will be putting few things up for sale Wednesday night and all items will be mailed out by Saturaday!

items will include restock of bracelets and new necklaces and this pouch you see here! :D
Back by popular demands the Alice print pouches are back! will have in black or pink,, currently the pinks are in the works you can see below ^__^
have a compartment in the pouch perfect for small travel pouch or for a makeup pouch♥

as you can see in the process in parts, they are complicated to make so I am really happy with the results♥

also I took advantage of fusionbeads.com sale of their 15% off tool last week plus 10% off with their weekly codes! I been wanting better tools for my jewelry making since I make in lots when I make jewelry, so my hands were getting stressed and started to hurt so I read many reviews on Lindstrom tool how they are best tools for jewelry and used by many other professional that use pilers such as in aviation and electrician so I decided to get one of their erogoRX series and let me tell you they are worth every penny! no stress in my hand and I am now able to make my jewelry fast and more efficient! :D

if you make jewelry I recommend them highly :)


  1. I'm so excited to see what you have this time!!

    I really want some of your sewn items. I really LOVE the lace. You're so talented Eki!!!

  2. wow~~~ this makeup pouch is sooooo cute, i love it!

  3. The Alice bag is so cute!!! I figured they were pretty complicated to make but seeing all the pieces like that .. @_@ You're so talented! I'm glad you'll be having a last batch before you leave! ^^

  4. woow!! The inside of the Alice pouch looks really cute!! ^__^ Hee x2, I like how we get to see a little behind-the-scenes of your work =). Hee x2, I'll definitely make time tomorrow night to check on your new items =]. Thank you for posting =D!

  5. Can't wait Eki! And whoo more Alice just in time for the AIW fever! :)

  6. Oh my! I am SO excited for those Alice pouches! I hope I can get my hands on one!

  7. WOW, all of the hard work you put into it!! no wonder they come out so beautifully :D

    oh, man. i need to get me some of those pliers too O__O