Sunday, April 4, 2010

New items are up!

New items are finally up :)
everytime i want to update I seem to run into internet connectivity problems and it really frustrates me alot :( Im sorry to make you all wait and Im never on time when I make announcements.... I feel terrible about that but I really appreciate your understandings and patience with me♥

I hope you see something you like. There are new items in hair deco section and pouch sections also! :)

 other news, I got some spa quality crystal collagen eye mask that I LOVE! Since they are amazing I will be giving away this mask with every order! ^___^


Here is april's customer appreciation gift to my Royal customers!! alotta pink lol lash sets&hearts
please make sure to write your testimonials if you are past ekilove customer, I will pick the winner on 4/9/10
well the is it for now!



  1. Holy crap Eki,
    I seriously think I NEED one of those fricken' adorable pouches. <3

  2. Hey eki!

    I'm so glad I made it today! Yay! Your stuff sell out too fast HAHA...


  3. Thank you for updating Eki~! =) I love the new pouches! Especially D and E =D

  4. Yayy! I'm so happy your items are up for sale! I thought I would be early enough to order everything I wanted but alas! The Kawaii Bow Necklace was sold out! ;_; I hope I can get it next time.

    Great job on all the items, Eki! The new jewelry and hair accessories are so pretty! <3

  5. YAY! ^^ Just placed my first ekilove order,so excited.Yay shame the pouches were sold out *sniffles*D:

  6. Oh my gosh. I was looking through the items again this morning and realized I completely forgot to look at the pouches! The pouches are so pretty! I wish I coulda snagged the boxy one. ^^;

  7. everything is super amazing as always..You work so hard for us ekiLove lovers. I <3 u =P.. Now go rest!!

  8. Oh Eki the new items are love! Very worth the wait! The earrings are so sparkly and gorgeous, and the pouches & chouchous are so KAWAII!!

    And how sweet is the April prize! Mm..falsies & KitKat!