Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little update,

Hi there♥

just a tiny update :) I got my 18mm swarovski hearts in aquamarine AB, light amethyst AB and clear AB finally! cant wait to start making new items with them,, they are gorgeous and 18mm colored AB coated hearts are hard finds so I am happy that ekiLove will feature them now :D

I found a reliable swarovski wholesale store so I am happy about that no more drama lol XD
just waiting for them to restock on VL so I can make a purchase since they are my favorite and are so beautiful!

I am planning to restock the fancy bracelet as soon as I get my supplies to make them maybe in few days and will have new items for sale also♥ will keep you updated!

that is it for now!

thanks for stopping by♥


ohh P.S. I am happy to announce, going to have belated 1 year anniversary of ekiLove giveaway soon! so please stay tuned for that ^__^

Also some of my favorite candies will be included in your orders here is a peak at some of them :D
peach gummy and lychee candies♥


  1. I'm so happy that you found a trustworthy place to buy your crystals now! Those crystals are really pretty too. I can't wait for the candy in my purchase! .. Along with the jewelry of course ^^

  2. wow~~ The AB aquamarine looks so pretty here in these pictures!!! =) I'm glad you chose these colors and found them ^__^ I can't wait to see what new creations you'll be posting =)

  3. wow!
    everything looks so pretty!

    can't wait for your next batch of creations

  4. yay for restock~ HEHE
    those bracelets are sooooo pretty

  5. So happy you finally got somewhere trustworthy and safe to get your materials! Nothing sucks more than having your hard-earned money taken from you for nothing, there are some horrible people out there. However all this makes us more grateful to be able to find the good people in life!

    I'm so happy that your such an open and honest person Eki and that your creations are so beautiful!

    May the most you wish for be the least you get ♥

  6. OooOo pretty!! Can't wait hun<33 Glad you found a trustworthy place =). Don't over work yourself now.

  7. Can't wait! <3 Boo boos begone! :D I am really loving the dimensions of the VL crystal too. It's such a gorgeous color~

  8. The aquamarine AB & light amethyst AB crystals are so pretty!! I look forward to the batches that will have these crystals on them =)

  9. Ohh so purrdy!! And peach gummies!! Ohh Lycee candies!! :)