Sunday, April 18, 2010

April cutomer appreciation giveaway winner :)


I have the winner for april's gift chosen by! :D

#141 Angelique

Thank you so much for being one of my Royal customer, I appreciate you leaving me super sweet testimonials and supporting my creations with continuous LOVE for ekiLove!

I will post May's Customer appreciation giveaway once I get back from FL! :D Oh and I will be having ekiLove's 1 year anniversary store giveaway too~! so please look forward too that~

Thank you so much everyone for taking your time to leave me a feedback, I always try to show my appreciation as much as  I can and I hope you can feel alittle bit of my Love and gratitution!♥

I will try to make updates in my personal blog while I am in FL! :3
see you soon!



  1. Grats to the winner! I can't wait until you come back. I hope you really enjoy your time down in Florida! I shall keep up with your personal blog :3

  2. Congrats! She's very lucky to have won those goodies! Have a great holiday and rest well while your there! <3

  3. Congratulations to Angelique! I look forward to seeing what the giveaway will be for May's customer appreciation gift and the one for EkiLove's 1 year anniversary =). Hee x2! I hope you have fun in Florida~

  4. grats to the winner! Woohoo florida :D that's where I'm from, though the weather could be better..were getting into rainy season this month so yea :/ 1 Year already on ekilove? wow... i remember back when you first started selling hair bows and such . Time flies..

  5. Yayy I actually won something! :] Thanks eki!! Have a fun & safe trip <33