Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alittle preview

Hello :)

Im sorry for a late News,,, had busy day but I wanted to give you same update news and a preview of few of the items ♥

I will have new items for sale tomorrow late after noon :D
will have lots of new items!

Also will restock some of the popular items also along with crochet hair accessories~ very proud of the crochet items, they are time consuming to make but it turned out kawaii so Im happy with that! Always everything are made with LOTS of LOVE!♥
Also I wanted to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes and always showing me so much love!! This year's birthday have been amazing thanks to all of you! I hope to improve my service and my skills in ekiLove to better service all of you! I'm 100% dedicated and try my best with showing all of you my love since you guys make ekiLove!! 
Thank you for showing support and loving my creations♥



  1. woww, look at your wire wrapping skills! so pretty! :)
    loving your new items<3 the detail on the bow earrings is GORGEOUS.
    can't wait to see the actual update! <3

  2. Yay! I can't wait. I would definitely be waiting~~

    A little after that central time? xD Hahaha. An hour makes all the difference with eki's creations~~~

  3. I'm wishing for the postman to run fasterr so that i can try on my 1st items real soon! Otherwise Ekilove is showering with "lots of new love" again! I just told my mummy bout eki/ekilove & she told me Japanese are very talented with handmade skills, and they usually pass down from one generation to another? Is it true babe? Lovely!~ Keep it up!

  4. There are too many sorries in your blogs! Don't be sorry, Eki! :P
    Anywho, the crocheted bow is so cute! I want it! That necklace is super cute too. I want it! Lovely work as usual~ yeyyyyy<3

  5. Hi Eki! The pieces look so kawaii! I love the crochet bow, it's so unique and adorable!

    A belated happy birthday!! Hope it was amazing!

    Keep up the great work, you are inspiring <3

  6. Beautiful! Can't wait for you to post them up! Lucky I am still awake now..(time difference.. >.<) Hope I am lucky enough to get what I want.. Hehe.. <3

  7. Wouuu Eki! I love the new items! Really lovely!

  8. Oooh the bow made into an earring is beautiful!! ^__^ And you're bringing the wings back!!! xD! I love the hair accessory piece that you made for me =) It is very cute and nice =D~ I'll be out all day today >___< But I am going to load up your store on my iphone (skipping the flash part since I can't load flash on it) to try to check it during the afternoon ^__^~ Thank you for updating =)!!

  9. OMG i can't wait to see the new items~ the preview looks so good already =D I like that little golden heart dangle on the bow hair accessory ^^

  10. Oh btw looks like i'm going to be expanding my collection a lot more ;) hahaha love you Eki! <3

  11. OMG! I've been waiting for so long for your sewings~ I LOVE those so much~ Can't wait <3

  12. Eki these are all so KAWAII & gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the full lineup!! And HAPPY BDAY AGAIN! :)