Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Supplies are in :D

All the supplies are in to make bracelets I got more swarovski pearls too *not from that evil store that stole my money* I found a better and more reliable store!♥ so it will be back in store on Friday!♥

Restock list:
Princess bracelets
Ice princess bracelets
fancy Hime bracelets
Royal Love necklace
Alice earring and necklace

and also new creations!

will have preview of new items tomorrow :D

ok that is it for now!

thanks for stopping by and thank you for being so patient!



  1. More new creations? :O eki~~ My wallet has a boo boo in it because of your beautiful creations. xD

    But I can't wait to see them! :3 Yay~ Something to look forward to!

  2. Yay!!! I can't wait to see what's new tomorrow!!! ^_^. Although, I will be really busy during the day on Friday and going out of town that night... I really hope to be able to be online when you post your items on Friday so that I can make purchases =D

  3. I await new Alice pouches eagerly!!! ^^ I love all of your stuff! =3

  4. woohoooooo can't wait (: such pretty pearls! i need to find a good wholesale seller as well xD

  5. :O More new stuff! I'm so excited to see them!!!

  6. Wouu I can't wait to see your new items (◠‿◠)

  7. yippie! more supplies. happy for you and happiness for everyone. definitely keep updating and checking on your site. btw. where do you get your bead supplies if you don't mind me asking. you can email me.

  8. Ooo...Can't wait to see you new creations<3

  9. Can't wait to see all the fab & glam pieces! :)