Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preview of new items for sale and Feb's customer appreciation winner

Hello loves♥

ok Im so sorry for not making a post to keep you guys updated in when I am going to have new items in the store I planned to have it up already but I ran in to some problems with not having all my supplies in by getting wrong orders and Ive had migraines for all week and it has slowed me down on making posts so I am truly sorry to make you wait :(

I have sewing stuff that I made also but they are all incomplete since they are more time consuming to make but after this batch I am going to have new sewing items so Im sorry if you were expecting some items other than jewels :(

The supplies I am still waiting is items that I need to make bracelets so I am going to just post the items I have already for sale! All of the items here on the previews are all ready to go so I will have it posted TOMORROW!♥

Here are some of the new items that will be up for sale tomorrow♥

Earring that is a match to Royal Love necklace~ :D

Royal Love earring

This necklace is part of ekiLove couture line since its all made with solid 925 sterling silver!

Crown couture necklace

ekilove couture crown necklae

I am on a GOLD craze at the moment since gold fits more of a Hime theme now featuring on a LONGER gold chains 16"18" 22"24" :3
and also Ive always been a huge fan of kawaii Alice so here is my tribute~

Love Alice Necklace

alice necklace ekilove

matching earring♥

Love Alice earring
alice earring ekilove

Simple yet so elegant gold necklace for a true princess!
This key is HUGE and so elegant I just had to get it look how small the 18mm swarovski crystal look here hehe :D
the key is the main focus here~

Elegant key Necklace

elegance key necklace ekiLove
well that is it for the previews hope you see something you like I will have popular necklaces restocked for sale also along with this new creations♥ :)

Im sorry for the delay in announcing the winner I just have been away from doing anything so finally I can choose the winner on

ok and here is the winner for Feb's customer appreciation!

97: Lena!!!

Lena congratulation! Thank you for your continuous support of ekiLove!! Lena has written many testimonials since she is one of my Royal customer who just continues to support ekiLove with so much love and care.
Thank you so much for your friendship it means so much!

I will post March's customer appreciation gift soon it will always include items that I love♥

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. All the items are so cute! I really like the longer necklaces that are coming out too. :D

  2. eki! why must you be so talented? hehe! I love it though! keep it up & man you're so kind ^-^ looking forward to see more from you && get well, hope youre feeling much better now


  3. Ohhh I love all your Items. Love Alice Necklace is son beautiful i love it!! So elegant and really for a princess..

  4. really pretty items! :) Can't wait!

  5. Congrats to Lena!!

    Love the color the crystals on the earrings are giving off! Such brilliance!! Eki you'll be sold out again in no time!

  6. Congrats to the winner! love the alice earrings :)

  7. THANKS HUN!!! =D Love love you!!! I'm so happyyyy...Your new pieces are breathtaking<33 Drools....=P..<33