Friday, March 19, 2010

New items are now up!


items are now up~

Also if you are interested in the bracelets,

All of the new bracelets are now made with 925 sterling silver wire or 14K gold wires so they are delicate and precious so PLEASE handle the with care LOVE

Made for a Hime made by a Hime♥

Another ekiLove NEWS:

Ekilove is fully registered business in the state of MN so you might see price increases since I have to pay taxes on all of the items that are sold here so Im sorry. I try to keep my prices low but all the prices are determined by material cost and the time that was spent on each item and now taxes so please understand the increases, Thank you so much for always supporting ekilove!

other news, I was planning to have some spring cleaning sewing items but I ran out of time with taking photos and uploading them so I will have them posted next time. Thank you for our understandings!

Again thank you so MUCH for supporting my creations and my love for kawaii!



  1. Beautifully made! I'm smiling:)

  2. Congrats on becoming a registered business! I really like how you price your items and with all the love and care you put into each package I definitely won't mind the the increases. You gotta do what you gotta do! That necklace is so cute and classy! It's definitely unlike anything I've seen before. Thanks for all the hard work and another awesome update! ^^ <3

  3. omg, the Royal Princess necklace in 20" was sold out, i thought all Royal Princess were sold out. but i took my chance to pay for the 22". and i did!! Can I wait for the upcoming sale for sewing items, just in case i see something that i want? meaning put aside my order (temporary) until the sales are up.

    With lots of Love,


  4. Eki this is GORGEOUS! It reminds me of something royalty would wear for real! Def fit for royalty!

  5. Hi Eki,
    I really like the Royal Love Necklace, but I was wordering if you have them with Italy/link chains or are those all sold out? Personally, I don't really like the look of the snake chains. I'm really glad though that your jewelry is so high quality yet pretty affordable. :)

  6. Victoria: I have 925 sterling silver chain in 18" but its not Italy made but still great quality chain, if you are interested please email me before they sell out :)

  7. wootwooooooot! congrats on registering! i'm thinking about doing so as well :D any advice?

  8. I love your creations. I keep missing out on the chance to buy your fancy hime couture bracelet because of work or school. I will just have to try harder next time. I know you will come up with more amazing pieces so I will just try to grab one of them then. I'm so addicted to your jewelry!!

  9. Congrats on ekiLove being a registered business love!!! Woot woot!! You go girl! Everything is so pretty!! I overslept and I missed out on the fancy hime couture bracelets again lol. You been working like super super hard hun! Get some rest and relax time<33

  10. I love your new items. Are soo beautiful! I love it ♥♥

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