Thursday, March 4, 2010

ekiLove Update


Just a little update on things since I havent been keeping up with details with you guys lately, Im sorry X3
ok so here is the gift for FEB customer appreciation giveaway it is brand new full size Mario Badescu's strawberry scrub~ I really LOVE this scrub and been meaning to do a review post on it soon when I get some time :D But I got to try this when I got the sample pack from them and I just love it just had to get it!! smells so GOOD make my skin so smooth and soft so I wanted to share this wonderful product with one of my Royal customer♥

This is going to be giving away on 3/9th so in few more days! :)

Also with news on when new items will be posted: I will have new items along with popular sold out items back on sale next week, I'm sorry to make you guys wait so long just waiting on the supplies to come in and I like to post everything all at once so I can concentrate on getting items made and shipped out~ :)

I try to stock as much as possible for each items but I know most of you miss out on them so I am re-stocking alot this time around so everyone can get an item that they wish to get♥

In the new items coming up I am now going to have chains in 16"18"20" and 24" so hopefully you can get your favorite chain sizes! :D

Sold out items that will be restocked are:
Fancy hime bracelet
Princess bracelet & Ice princess bracelet
Royal Love necklace
Princess necklace

ok that is all for now thank you for patiently waiting and showing me much love and support! ^__^

take care♥



  1. hey eki! is there any way you could restock the elegant couture bracelet (in smokey quartz)? My prom is in a month (4/10) and I really want to wear that bracelet at prom =T

  2. Thanks for the update, eki. ^___^ Can't wait to see your new update~~ :3

  3. eki! i know all your items sold out so easily! i can't wait till you have it online to order. i want to have at least one of your creations! =)

  4. I've been waiting for the Royal Love necklace! :D

  5. I have been trying to get that Royal Love necklace so many times! I hope I catch your update soon this time! I don't mind waiting for you to put items up because they're really cute and worth the wait! It also makes me so happy to know that you put that much time and effort into all your pieces. The strawberry scrub sounds lovely by the way! ^^

  6. Yay!! Thank you for restocking the popular sold out items =). Oh oh btw, I got the samples from Mario Badescu in the mail =D I haven't tried the scrub yet, just used the cucumber toner and the gel face wash =) Thank you for the recommendation =D

  7. You're so generous with your giveaways Eki! Can't wait to see all the new items! :)

  8. How can we win this give away hun x3

  9. yayy!! I'm definitely going to be buying a princess necklace.... they're soooo cute!

  10. Glad you're restocking!!! Your stuff is so popular! :D

  11. can't wait for an ekilove update!! :DD

  12. That's so sweet of you to always make these wonderful giveaways. Ooo glad you are restocking hun! Love love<33

  13. Eki, your stuff always sells out so fast! Thanks for the heads up. =D

  14. Thanks for the update hun! I can't wait to see your new items and restock items.

    I'm really curious about Mario Badescu now. Everyone been raving about it on blogger. I want to try their cream.

  15. I heard about mario bedescu in the past but never try!!
    would like to see a review of this scrub soon :)