Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you for your support! sneak preview and Jan's Royal customer winner~


Thank you so much for all the positive messages! I really appreciate it all for making me feel better, I was really upset by the whole order deal since no one wants to get ripped off especially if you earn your money by working hard!
So I really do hope karma will get to them, at the moment I have did all that I can do but the seller have completely stopped responding to my emails since paypal have closed my claim since the tracking showed that it was delivered even though they were supposed to send my additional items in a separate shipment with tracking. I waited 22 days for this item to get shipped out and asked numerous time for info about my order that was not shipped yet and to issue a refund since that's what their website clearly stated "Restrict to only in stock items (maximum 5 days) and automatically cancel other items and issue a refund" if the item was not shipped in certain time frame. They reported me to paypal as "We will not tolerate a buyer who is making a fraud attempt while keeping the goods"

WHAT?? I am the victim here and you NEVER sent rest of my order and never answered my questions!!! so I am going to do my best to expose this fraudulent store and its WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER who STOLE my hard working money!!

so NEVER buy from

and also they are based from Surrey BC, canada so if you are from canada please help me find out how I can contact the right officials for business that is doing fraudulent activities and ripping people off. All I could find was to report them to better business bureau of BC but I want to report this non tax paying illegal store! so any info would help THX♥

well back to the topic, here are some sneak preview of some items that will be up for sale :D
I tried to buy from this store since they offered wholesale prices for swarovski so I can give you a better pricing for swarovski that was the whole reason I bought from this store, so with the item that I barely received I made a ekiLove couture Bracelet with all swarovski and 18K plated gold and matching necklace! :D

here are some swarovski I fought to get from that FRAUDULENT store owned my ALEX LEE who is a total jerk and talked down to me like I am an idiot which I waited 25 days to get this orders

Missing my 6202 AB hearts in 14mm of pack of 144!! I was supposed to make lots of pretty earrings with them,,, >:(

took pics to show DSK to confirm if they were authentic and DSK approves~
well I really hope karma gets that guy for taking innocent peoples money and having an dishonest practice!!

well to good news,
here is Jan's customer appreciation gift winner

#87 was Esther!!

Thank you everyone for leaving me such a lovely testimonials!! will announce FEB's gift soon just waiting for it to come in the mail :3

well Im sorry to rant again X3
Thx for listening again♥

well I hope everyone is having LOVE LOVE weekend so far!♥



  1. The necklace and bracelet looks really cute and Hime like!! Although I'm not a gold lover, it really does look pretty the way you've made them!! =) Good job on making such lovely matching items despite being scammed!! I love the glittered nails too btw ;) hee x2!

    Thank you and I can't wait to see them in stores xD~!

  2. *hugs*
    im really so sorry that you are experiencing this,hun. you are known by your customer a a very sweet, responsible & appreciative person. There's no way in hell that you should be charged as "buyer who is making a fraud attempt while keeping the goods"...

    *hugs tight*
    im really sorry..

    It makes me feel angry whenever one of my friends are being treated this way. I hope that you'll be able to sort things out sooner so that you won't feel so stressed out.

    here's to the best for the next coming days,hun

    stay pretty & stress-free
    Happy hearts day!

  3. I've been a follower for quite some time now. I love your new pieces! Oozes more girly charm. :)

    That's so sad that happened to you! I actually live in Surrey, BC... I'll figure out how you can report them to proper authorities and get justice.

  4. eki, i hope karma gets to them. sorry how you're upset, but i love the new designs. So kawaii!

  5. O______O ... How many Esthers do you have as customers?

    Holy Jesus those are a lot of crystals you got ripped off on!!! That really makes me so sad. I hope somebody lives near their headquarters and gets all up in that Alex Lee person's face. People are so rude. I definitely believe that karma will personally shove its foot up alliumblue's .. nose. ^^

  6. Congrats to Esther! And I really hope these guys get what's coming. But karma is a bitch!! And Eki you'll get nothing but love!

    The new pieces are love! I'm glad you've gotten great support from everyone! :)

  7. I hope they get what they deserve!

  8. I am always so excited when EkiLove is updated.

    I don't know...I know this sounds awful but I simply don't trust ANY shops that are shipped from Hong Kong/anywhere in China. I will NEVER make a single purchase from any shop affiliated with Hong Kong or China. I've just had too many bad experiences from purchasing (quality/customer servie etc) from ANY kind of shop be it clothing, jewelry, or other goods. I would rather pay a few extra dollars and know that refunds are available, the quality is genuine, and I will not have to hassle with rude, heavily accented angry customer reps. (btw it is not the accent that bothers me - it is that they use it as an excuse to avoid/not answer my questions).

    Anyway, good luck getting justice :(! there are few things worse than getting your money taken from you unfairly :(

  9. lol DSK approved. you are too funny!

    I hope everything works out with the BBB, one person can make a difference!

    It looks like you have some great Canadian babes that are willing to help you!

  10. Aww hun I am so sorry you had to go through so much!! What a-holes!!! =( *huggies* Hope Karma really hits them hard for doing this to you! Don't stress too much hun!
    Congrats to Jan winner =)!! And your pieces are as always so enchanting love!!

  11. wow what a jerk! i can't believe you had to deal w/ that :( boo!

    i sort of want to order wholesale too, hahaha. i hope you find a better business to deal with!

  12. so sorry to hear about your bad experience! The thing that comes to mind is the BBB - Better Business Bureau

    I don't know it helps that much, but that's the first thing that came to mind when I read your story

    Gambatte..! don't worry..what goes around comes around!

  13. that's so sad that that happened to you T__T; that's why i'm afraid of buying from dealers who aren't.. well known.

    i LOVE your new pieces though!! absolutely gorgeous :D

  14. that's a lot of swarovski hearts! :o i'm constantly running out because i'm too lazy/cheap to order huge batches at a time...which i know i should haha

  15. Awh, I'm really sorry that that extremely rude person is being so absolutely idiotic. I hope karma gets to them too. No one deserves to be treated that way.

    But, the bracelet and necklace that you made are definitely beautiful. Totally love it!

  16. Ugh! people like just make me angryyy!!!! >:( but on a happier note, your pearl bracelets are gorgeous!