Friday, February 5, 2010

Small V-Day giveaway!

Hi there♥

wow can you believe its almost Valentines day?!? X3
time just flies by when you are busy busy and forget to take a moment to look around :/

well in celebration of V-Day I wanted to give 2 lucky gal a Valentines gift♥
Just to celebrate happy LOVE day♥

so its going to be a short period since its a small gift,
I will randomly pick the winners 2/8/10 Monday *Midnight at central time zone

open to everyone in the world!

what to do?
1.follower of ekiLove

2.Just leave me a comment in this post and tell me what "LOVE" means to you?

what does LOVE mean to me?
Well every person in this world wants to feel loved and know that they are loved right? I know I do, makes me more alive and happy to know that someone loves me for me and I feel like everyone deserves that feelings. That is why I think its very important to love, know how to love and share the love to others because thats how I would like to be treated like that :)

along with compassion and respect for other people that is love to me~ so I hope my creations ekiLove creates a little feeling of love,, just a little bit ♥ :D

one winner will receive:
ekiLove Hime bracelet
this is a very small gift but this Hime Bracelet is always made with ekiLove&heart;

and since its Valentines dont forget some chocolates :3
get some Limited edition flavor Japanese kit kats♥

in Matcha green tea, caramel pudding, citrus blend, chestnuts and regular flavor :)

second winner will receive:

$25 gift certificate from ekiLove♥
and always it will include extra goodies as well ^_^

well thank you for all your supports!



  1. hmm i'd have to say love is something that just happens: it can be instant, or it can take time. you think that your love is the most wonderful and beautiful person in the world and you just want them to be happy, even if you can't be with them...

    i hope you have a great valentine's day eki! <3

  2. what does "LOVE" means to you?

    Love means being loved, and receiving love! Everyone in the world deserves to be loved, and it's something really special. And if you get love, hold onto it.

  3. OMG Eki I'm in it just for the KitKats! LOL! You know how much I love those! I still can't find them down here, even in the Asian stores! :(

    Well love is such a complex word. I don't think that there's just one meaning for it. At different times it can mean different things. Aahhh this answer ain't gonna win me nothing.. but I hope that you and the BF have a great V-day together.

  4. Love....

    To me love is always being there for someone, and accepting all the things about them that nobody else would. You don't have to adore all of the things about them, but accept them. Wouldn't it be a relief to hear "I know you're a fool sometimes, but I still love you even knowing that". Someone who can accept the dark and the light...I think that means they love you. I also think love isn't a hot passionate feeling, but more of a warm comfortable one.


  5. For me love is defined by words my mom once said to me 'You do not love a person for a reason, you love them despite all'. For me love is acceptance (even accepting the fact that with years the person will grow and change), and drawing happiness just from the fact, that the other person is happy.

    Cheers and hugs! =D

  6. Hi Eki ^_^

    I personally believe that Love Conquers All. It doesn’t matter where you meet or what circumstances you go through in order for you to get where you are now. Love isn’t measured by a ruler, a measuring stick or by mileage. Love is measured by God’s perfect timing.

    To me, I think that love is something much deeper than what people think of it as. Love isn’t based on how long you’ve known a person, because even if you’ve known someone for more than 5 years or over 50 years it doesn’t mean that love will just blossom just because of that certain aspect. Love hits people at the most unexpected times.

    xoxo Nikki

  7. Love means so much thing that i cant really describe everything that we should know about Love, because love is something that you learn to give and receive and feel about it. It's a big topic. Love can be sometimes mysterious, unknown, cruel, exciting, can make you sick, cry, be really happy, be grateful, to be in a BIG need, stressful, etc. like for example, when there's love, theres respect. but with someone else, it would be "no-respect", "angriness". People will say that is the wrong way to express. But they can't help it. that's their way of showing their Love.(dun want to get into too much details xD) Love is defined only by your only self. No one can define love for you, unless you agree with them. Everyone has their own definition of Love. and none are wrong. when ppl say it's wrong, its because they abide by what the society has decided it to be. and yeah, we should abide by the rules, sadly. or else we would be an outcast and get in jail ok im a bit too dramatic here :D sorry I just wanted to say that Love can have two sides (bad and good side), that's all xD

    I hope my broken english isn't soooo bad...lool
    Thank you for this giveaway Eki :D


  8. Aww hun this is a sweet giveaway. You are too sweet!!! Love is being able to do everything you can to make others feel happy from the inside out. A smile is worth more than anything. To lend a shoulder or hand to someone during times of difficulties without them even asking for it. Love is showing sincerity to others without asking for anything in return. <33

  9. Love is the undescribable feelings you have for someone you truly care about <3

    awesome giveaway!!

  10. Love to me is of course caring for each other and all that but I think it's most of all something that makes you willing to do anything for the other person. Love goes beyond logic or reasoning.

    I hope you have a great Valentines day, Eki and that you receive back all the love that you give out to us and more! :)

  11. to me LOVE means that you will be happy to see he/she is happy. whenever he/she besides you, you will feel happy too. and you will always be there for him/her whenever you're needed.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Hi Eki!

    Love means giving for me. It's easier and nicer to receive a love, but when you share your love with other people that love becomes special. Yes it's hard, that's the reason why it's special. The best love that I ever received is from God and my parents. Their love is so unconditional. I want to be like them! Happy valentine day hun! Hope you have a great one!



  13. awww the bracelet is so pretty.

    to me, love is being with someone who cares as much about you as you do about him.

    and those kitkats look so exotic that its enticing o.O

  14. Hi Eki<3~!

    I am really bad at expressing with words, but I will take a shot at explaining what "love" means to me =]. To me, love is a mutual bond and understanding that is shared between those who feel secure with one another. To me, love is not defined by the benefits and intimacy shared, but of the unconditional support and care that dwells inside, that reaches out to share with everyone around.

    Love is not selfish, love is not greedy, love is not obsolete. Love is but a simple word that attempts to describe the humbl, modest, and genuine feelings one has for the world. Love can be observed through actions (such as lending a helping hand), words of encouragement ("you can do it!"), or even a simple smile =].

    I hope this made sense, or at least a part of it made sense ;). Thank you for loving us Eki and sharing your love with us this Valentine's Day <3~

    <3 Sandra

  15. I think love is not always a feeling, but a choice. You make the choice to love someone through the hard times and the bad, as well as the good. And love keeps your spirit sweet.


  16. Love is something everyone needs, whether they want to admit it or not. It's wonderful if you find it! Have a great weekend ^^*

  17. Thank you for this really cute giveaway!

    oh boy..such a simple question: "what is love?" yet it's so hard to answer

    Love is a strong bond or connection that cannot be just happens..and when it does, you feel like you're on top of the world :)

    Happy Valentines day ^_^

  18. Love is something is a very intamte thing between 2 people. Waking up next to each other and falling asleep in each other's arms. Love makes you smile when there's no reason. Love doesnt make sense to other ppl. Being in live is so sweet and a something special for those that are lucky enough to receive. Also, love is having compassion for all people with good intentions and a clear mind.

  19. love is the unconditional, unselfish, unwavering feeling from within, to be with, take care of and share in the life of another! <3

  20. Love... idealistically, love would be the intrinsic connection between family, friends, lovers--it would be inexplicable happiness.

    Love is definitely seeing your cute creations :3

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  21. 1. Follower!

    2. Love is walking the path of life with the unconditional support of family and friends no matter what you do.

  22. 1. Following both of your blogs :]]
    2. I think love is when you can smile everytime you think about someone. Whether the person you love is a friend, a family member, or that special person from your dreams, love should be painless and full of healing joy. When a single glance at that person's face lifts you from your darkest thoughts, then you have truly found the perfect love that everyone can find sometime in their life.

    love you eki!! <3

  23. unconditional love is something i think we all can't truely understand. I think its easy to love someone uncondionally, but to actually LIKE someone is a different story. We uncondionally love our parents, siblings, relatives, etc.... but to actually LIKE to spend time with them and not feel like we have to, to me is true love.

  24. Hey Eki!

    To me, loves means a feeling between people (family,friends,lover,etc) that is unconditional. It can't be broken.

  25. I'm already a follower, eki. ^___^

    Love? Well, I think it comes in many different forms. Sure we can get all philosophical or write a Nicholas Sparks novels about it, but I actually just believe that love is when people care enough about each other to keep them in their hearts. Because I personally think that out of the other 6 billion people in this world, there probably only a handful of people that you can say you "love". So those people are probably pretty darn special. :) & so to say it simply, I don't think love usually occurs at first sight, attraction does. You can only love when you begin to care for each other on an emotional level. Is all love unconditional? I don't think it's always like that because there are different levels of love, but I believe that there are that type of love out there for those who are lucky enough to encounter it. :)

    Early Happy Valentine's Day, eki! :D

    I hope to receive your paypal invoice for my order soon. ^___^ Stay healthy!

  26. Wow, I know it seems like something so simple, but there are just so many ways to describe what love is.
    Love between two people is something special where there is just an unexplainable emotional connection. Totally smitten & completely unconditional. It's an intimate relationship that two people share only between each other. TO be in love is to forever care about some on more than just a level of friendship.
    Love in general between family or friends, is to give constant support & understandings for decisions. To love a person for who they are and what they want in life. To be there when they need some one.
    And I think to love something is when an object or event or even a person brings many joys and lots of happiness to you. When it is able to brighten up your day and make you smile.

    Idk, I hope I explained how I feel, there's so much more I could write, but not enough time to get my thoughts all together. But I really like this Bible verse:

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.

  27. love is whenever my dad comes back from a business trip, my mom always greets him on the sidewalk, rather than waiting a few seconds to see him at our front door - and he travels for a living

    love your designs eki!


  28. love means a connection, certain devotion, forever until the end. :D

  29. oooh, pretty! love to me means the caring of friends and family (like my hubby ^^) that transcends any conditions. it's giving from your heart and also receiving it too. :)

    i love you too eki! <3

  30. love is something that makes you happy and makes your life seems more worth it..

  31. Love is loving others and being loved, it's shared between two people in love (in a relationship), among family members, friends, and people we care about. Love is being passionate, devoted, and unconditional!!! <3 happy Valentine's Day love!!!

  32. For me, love is when you can think of your significant one before yourself, when you'd gladly risk your life for him to spare him any pain and when you just want him : not another version of him but him just as he is <3

  33. what does LOVE mean to me?

    Love means that you are appreciated. It means that no matter what or who - there is someone who would give their time, emotions, support, and life for you. That you count and mean the world to someone.
    ^ ^
    Happy Valentines Day (Early)!!!

  34. love means never saying you're sorry. lol. from Love Story. Actually I really like that line. I interpret it to mean when you get into a fight, sometimes you don't need to say sorry. Sorry is just a word. You know you love each other so you know when the other is feeling sorry. No need for words!

    I love kit kats OMG!! i'd be fine with 3rd place and just kit kats, lol.

  35. love to me is everywhere.. you feel it in you it lives inside of you..

  36. To me love means standing by someone even when all hope seems lost and supporting someone even when you don't agree with their decisions. Its also the cozy feeling you get knowing that someone cares and thinks about you.

  37. I follow (follower name is Damla). Love means to love him/her in every condition. Love means my boyfriend. We are in our physically little but emotionally huge world:)

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  38. hmm, i think love means..

    When you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your significant other happy, your connection with the person is completely unexplainable, and your heart jumps a little every time you see that person.

    You don't have to have a reason to love someone,as long as you feel that "something" is there between you. You can't bear not seeing the person,you become so attached to him that you're willing to go miles for him.

    Once you have loved a person, they are automatically engraved in your heart,you won't be able to completely forget something that might have once been beautiful but ended up badly. You will even still care for that person a little if you have loved together before.
    It becomes a part of your history,your past.

    Michelle X

  39. Hi eki~

    Love is a feeling between 2 people falling for each other; un-described by words and un-explainable.. <3

  40. Love means caring enough to compromise and protect each other's happiness.

  41. Eki Hello! Here participating for the first time! A greeting from Argentina!
    That means love to me?
    Well I am a very romantic person and I think the "LOVE" is something that convivmos every day since we got up until we go to bed at night! We all like to feel loved and for that matter, give and receive love, affection for others, the mere fact of giving and make yourself happy! Knowing that the other person feels loved for yourself is something cute!
    That is love for me, something I live every day to feel the little people around me these feelings I have towards them and show different ways!
    I love your designs! From Argentina Yui!

  42. Love is ...
    When you are with them, the rest of the world fades into the background.
    When you are with them, it doesn't matter what you do, you will be surrounded by happiness.
    When you think about them, it always brings a smile onto your face.
    When you reminisce, the sad memories doesn't seem so sad.
    When you are down, hearing their voice will light up the day.
    When you done something bad, they will never judge you.
    When you are going through a rough patch, they will never abandon you.

    Love is everything magical, love is everything the fairytale says it is.

    Happy V-Day Eki :)

  43. To love is to add, multiply and divide, never subtract.
    Love remains the greatest adventure and challenge of the human species!
    Therefore, a good indicator of the truth of our love for someone is how it transforms us, how much we give, overcoming our selfishness and narcissism and evolving to live it intensely.

  44. Love can be so indescribable at times that people always try to find the words to express what it is or what it's true meaning is.

    To me, sometimes it's just the way you feel or the way you can feel towards someone or something. It can also be shown in one's thoughts, actions & words.

    To me, it's selfless, unconditional and simply amazing. To love is to live and learn how to love and accept love in return.

    Happy Valentine's Day eki!! <33

  45. Hi Eki!

    To me, love is embracing the good in everyone I meet--be it a stranger, a friend, or a loved one.

    Happy v-day!! I wish I had your talent of making gorgeous jewelry!

  46. I think love grows over time. It can be given to anyone or anything. Love is not just the butterflies, but the memories as well. It's unconditional.

    Happy Valentines Day eki :D

  47. love to me is trust and sharing your life. it seems easy to some people but its really not easy to share your life. you would have to trust that other person so much. i love love!

    love is magic

    tofupoo @ gmail. com

  48. For me love is both an universal and unique feeling, which needs to be shared with others. It's also a beautiful sentiment for a person who will be with you for everything that happens.

    This 14 feb I will spend my day with the love of my life and I hope it will be a great time. ^^

    Thank you for this giveaway. Have a happy Valentine's day!

    PS: I have commented your lovely package on my blog ( but sorry, it's in French ;)

  49. Love is a connection from within our Hearts.
    And to have a connection, we open our hearts and let love in without hesitation.

    True love is to love without fear.
    To share trust, faith, and belief with The One.
    Love is a fairytale. A living dream.

    Where you are the Princess, and He, the Prince.


  50. Hi Eki,
    Thanks for this great Giveaway!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you~

    Love is using all my heart to love & care for that special person<3...include my family,friends..

  51. love to me is like a great big whirlwind of emotions. It's not just one's everything.
    When your around the person you love, your heart will move at incredible speeds,
    your mind will think only of that person, your desires and your passions will be centered around everything they do because you wanna be a part of their life, and you want them to be a part of your life.
    When you're away from that person you feel somewhat lost. You feel like you're not complete.
    Love can make a normal day into an incredible day. It can make the bad things seem not so bad.
    When you wake up in the morning the first thing on your mind is the person you love.
    When you go to sleep the last thing on your mind is the person you love. makes you feel all warm inside.
    You may even feel like crying for no particular reason. Or you may just wanna laugh. Because when you're in love,
    it's hard to explain the things you say or the things you do.
    They don't matter a whole lot. Nothing matters in the end....except love (:

  52. To me, love has 3 different types. There's family love, which is unconditional and will always be there for you. There's the friendship love that you hold these people close to your heart and they cheer you up no matter what. This kind of love most often turns into familial love, because you hold them so close to you that it's like they're your family. And finally, romantic love is when you put your trust in someone who's not part of your family completely and enjoy spending time with that person. It's a wonderful feeling and makes people feel happy. When it comes to the two of you, you would do anything to make that person happy and just enjoy all the time we have with that person.

  53. South..North..East..West

  54. To me, Love is the reason for my existence. I'm here because of love, I'm In this world to find love, and it is my duty to give love. Love is as important as the air we breath and the water we drink.

  55. im already your stalker!

    LOVE is an intense feeling of happiness. It is an enduring feeling of sacrifice too.

    I'm not big on V-day. im actually just planning to take a driving lesson with bf that day.

    have a great weekend,hun!

  56. Hii Ekii♥
    What LOVE Means tO Me.??

    Love Means Be Loved,trust,respect,sharing,fighting,eating doing everthing tOgether!
    HaPpY Valentine's Day

    xOxo alejanDra

  57. Love.

    I feel that love can have many different meanings. One may love thier significant other but love thier friends too. It wouldn't be the same kind of love but it is still love. I think that love is a feeling, and emotion that arises when you have deep feelings for another. You bond with them on another level, a nonphysical one. I love my friends because I have some kind of unspoken bond with them that holds me to them, makes me care for them and want to be apart of thier lives [unless if it hurts them then I would leave]. When I said I love my boyfriend, I feel this love to be more passionate; it is more romantic.

    If I had to generalize what love means to me, I believe love is a word used to express an unspoken bond one many have with another. It's a feeling you have towards someone you want to see happy, someone you care for deeply and would never want harm to him/ her/ or it [maybe it's an object? LOL]. Loving someone is wanting the best for them always.

    Wow. That ended up being a lot longer than I expected. Love your work Eki and great giveaway.

    =] Best wishes!

  58. EKI!!! I love all your beautiful creations & fun blog!!!

    I honestly didn't know what love meant to me until I met my current boyfriend <3...
    To me, true love is something that can only be felt for one person & only the lucky few find this person.
    Love makes everything about that person perfect & sooo cute even if it's chewing nails or snoring.
    What once were just 3 words or just touching lips, when you add love, they become "I love you" & a real kiss.
    Because of love, I have a treasure box that I put gifts from this special person into & I engrave cherished memories in my diary as a reminder of all those irreplacable moments.
    This world looks bright & beautiful even on cloudy, gloomy days because love adds color to my life.
    P.S. Sorry this got kinda long hehe Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  59. To me, love means compromise and loving someone flaws and all!

  60. love means doing what's the best for the other person, even if it will hurt you

    thinking about edward now hehe

    love the bracelet!

  61. Hey, eki. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    Love is so hard to define. I don't think anyone can have the perfect definition of love. I have never been in love before, but love to me is a commitment. When you are complete committed to someone to the extend that you would be willing to sacrifise anything. Love is not restricted to lovers. It can be love of family, love of friendship, and love of your life. I think no matter what kind of love you have and what kind of relationship you are in, you should always cherish everything you have because although it sounds easy, but to complete love a person is really not easy! Thank your parents and friends for their love and hope you find your true love soon!!

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  63. Hello Eki!

    I am single for 5 months now, I'm not sure if I can answer this correctly hehehe..

    LOVE for me is that you able to love yourself. Why? Because how could you love other people if you cannot love yourself? Love is a an action word also for me,Don't just say it but DO it!

    happy V day Eki!

  64. Love means to being loved by your love ones and. I believe every person in this world will find their true love.

  65. Love is always being there for you no matter how stubborn and unpleasant you may get at times. Love is doing tiny unexpected things that surprises you and touches your heart. Love is patient. Love is accepting one for who they are both their perfections and imperfections. Love is taking the time to work out problems together instead of quitting. It is not just a mere feeling. Love is so many things and they all require effort and most of all, sacrifice. That imo is the ultimate love of all <3

    Happy Valentine's Eki! You've worked so hard to provide one of the BEST customer service I have ever experienced and stayed so true to your LOVE motto. Keep it up! <3

  66. To me love is something everyone in this world should treasure. There are different types of love but in all these types the basics of understanding, trust and being compassionate is always present.

  67. I love your blog and the lovely accessories you make~

    Love is something indescribable and it can come quickly or creep up slowly... It has many different meanings and it makes you feel a roller coaster of emotions. It's something you don't really understand and it changes or grow with time. <3

  68. Love is the motivation we use to make ourselves do what we do. It uplifts and makes us feel supported.
    Without love, it is hard to do anything.

  69. Love is a deep feeling of caring for someone no matter what they do. Not being able to walk away from someone because you just want to be with them whether they are your friend or your lover. It is an invisible bond you have with someone via your heart.

  70. You're so generous Eki! :) LOVE that Hime bracelet! <3

    I just stopped seeing a guy, lol so my definition of love might be skewed! :P

    But for me, love is really just when you're able to be yourself and be comfortable in front of your significant other, and when you and your family are able to stay together no matter how many fights you have, how many petty things you argue over, etc. Love is something beautiful and hateful at the same time- it can bring you endless happiness, and then sometimes it'll leave you to suffer.

    With friends, love is something I've felt a lot this past week because they've been there for me. Love from your friends is when they are willing to sit through your endless hours of ranting no matter how many times they've heard it, and when they're willing to stay up with you to do crazy things to make you feel better. Love is when they're there for you no matter what, and no matter how annoying or stupid you are being on a particular day, they'll ignore it and stills tay by your side.

    :) Happy early Valentine's Day Eki, and thanks for being so fabulous & generous! <3

  71. I think the best way to describe love is with my favorite quote
    "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." - Heinlein

    or its the feeling I get when I wake up and roll over to see my boyfriend sleeping like a kid haha.

  72. Love is selfless, when you love someone you think of their well-being and their happiness not your own.

    bvrlylava at gmail dot com

  73. Love is built on friendship and compassion and with the absence of egocentricity(not beiing able to see other's viewpoint)

  74. Love means acceptance. When you love a person it comes with accepting that person's every trait no matter if it is good or bad

    heartbreak.21.kid at gmail dot com

  75. To me, love is a never ending journey in life. To give and to accept, bitter sweet, laughs and cries.. all mixed in a perfect recipe..

    Happy Valentine's Day ;)

  76. Love means feeling like you have got butterflies in your whole body and you would do everything to make this one person happy, but it is also the knowing, that there is someone who supports you and won't let you down, no matter what happens.

  77. L.O.V.E.

    Everyone has their own experiences and definition for the term love. When we hear the term love, most of us would think of a significant other. I’ve realized and learned that love comes in all size, shapes and forms; from small to a lot of love, from family, friendship, and pet and of course of your other half. Love is always around even when a relationship is over. One might think that the other person no longer loves them, but the truth is love has always been around just that one might have loved the other more, that’s all. I really hope that everyone will cherish those who are inside your heart and not only take Valentines Day to celebrate their love for them, but rather everyday because love will always be there.

  78. The definitions of love are endless.

    To me, romantic love is.. finding myself gazing at the one I love and feeling warm inside while a smile secretly appears on my face..

    It's the feeling I get when all I want to do is put my head on his shoulder, in that one spot that makes everything in the world all right..

    It's when he always manages to find my hand to hold onto.. and gives it a little squeeze to let me know he'll always be there..

    It's when he somehow just knows when something is upsetting me.. and how I just can't stay mad..

    It's not only when he kisses my lips, but when he kisses my cheek, my forehead, and nose..

    It's when we sit in the car until 7 in the morning, opening ourselves up to each other without realizing the time..

    It's when I wake up in the morning, knowing how much nicer it would have been if I had woken up next to him..

    Love is everything.. it's powerful, yet vulnerable.. it's the beginning, the ending.. it's perfect, yet flawed.. it's cryptic, yet it solves everything.. love is.. for me.

    juliettexlin (at)

  79. for me love is something that makes my heart "flutter". when you see the person you like your heart flutters(that is love), when he makes you sad (your heart flutters) that is also love. when you see your bestfriend your heart flutters(that is love), and most of all when you see your family your heart flutters that is love.

  80. What is love?

    well. love is about a feeling of happiness. making someone feel happy and loved. love putting someone ahead of yourself. love means not being able to walk away from someone because you just want to be with them whether they are your friend or your lover. It is an invisible bond you have with someone via your heart. love is just a wonderful feeling that triggers your heart. =)

    and happy valentines day eki. hope loves is always around you. =)

  81. Love.

    It's a tough one to explain. Love for me is something which you should give unconditionally, whether you receive it back or not, it is something which you expell to those who deserve it most. It is selfless. Whether it be a family member or friend or simply someone you believe deserves compassion.

    It is the foundation of all your most valuable relationships and it is a trait not to be taken for granted but to be treasured immensly. It is a necessity for true happiness.

    Accepting someone for everything that they are, flaws and all, and making them happy and feel safe is love.

    Thank you Eki for your endless love in your blogs and creations!


  82. Love means appreciating someone for who they are and being thankful that they are part of your life. :)

  83. Love comes unconditionally from parents who love you no matter what you do. Love also comes from a significant other and friends. That kind of love requires acceptance. I feel that acceptance plays a big role in loving someone. Love is not a feeling people can control which i find to be quite an extraordinary feeling :]

  84. Love <3, is a beautiful,blissful feeling which fills one with complete happiness :) ( Most of the time anyway )

    Happy Valentines Day! ^^ And Happy S.A.D [Bwahahaha >.<]

  85. Love this bracelet <3

    Love is a wonderful feeling, even if it hurts, sometimes.
    It means you can do eveything for him, his happiness, his smiles and the moments you can share with him. ^^

    (Wow, my english is soooo bad xD)

  86. Love means having faith and compassion, to be able to understand one another truly.

  87. Love is the feeling of acceptance. The knowledge that regardless of who you are as an individual (flaws, skills, ... absentmindedness :P), the person (or people) will still love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. :D

  88. Love to me means accepting the person for who they are..faults and be there for the person when they are in need of help or comfort and its also that feeling that you get when you are around them..its a nice warm feeling that keeps you warm even in the cold.

  89. Love

    To me, it's not just about sweet moments and happiness.

    Love is not easy
    Love is caring in times of trouble
    Love needs commitment
    Love needs honesty
    Love needs forgiveness
    Love needs to be non-judgemental

    Love is not easy
    but that is why we need to learn to LOVE even more.

  90. What is love to me?

    Love is kind
    love is patient
    love is caring
    love is forgiving
    love is not judgemental

    Love is patient and kind and forgiving and accepting when others just don't understand! Love keeps on forgiving when you don't even deserve it. Love is always there in the good times and even in the bad. Love doesn't decide to end because it just feels like it.

  91. Hi Eki!

    To me, Love is unconditional and it means caring for and forgiving someone even if they don't deserve it, accepting them for who they are, and asking for nothing in return.

  92. Love is truly loving the other person for who they are and not who you want them to be!

  93. Love is something shared between a someone and their significant other, family members and friends. Love is understanding one another and believing in each other. Love is being there for the person/people you love no matter what. Love can hurt sometimes, but it only makes us that much stronger. Being loved and loving another is the best feeling in the world that often it's hard to explain. You just have this great feeling inside that just makes everything that much better. Love is life, love is sharing, love is caring, love is everything.

  94. Love to me is being around people who are the most important in my life. Knowing that every moment is precious and to enjoy it.

    Love is also music. I can't live without it. It's the only thing that can pull me out of anything.


  95. Love is everything! I LOVE my daughter!!!!!

  96. To me, love is when theres someone very special in your life that you wanna be with forever <3

  97. Love is sharing yourself with someone and asking nothing in return.

  98. Love is what makes the world goes round. Love is what brings people together. Love can be many things. Love is just too hard to describe :D

  99. i believe love is all that one needs to b happy 8)

  100. Love...
    is one of the most important things in life, since no one can live without giving and receiving love. It's one of the most precious 'things' in life that you can't buy!

  101. Hi eki! ^____^ this is jheee! I've been following ur blog for quite sometime now! so i guess im qualified :P

    umm. and thanks for having this giveaway..
    Anyway..For me Love is Everything, Without it
    I may not be able to be inspired and live happily..No matter how far away you are with the
    one you love you're still willing to be together someday. And as long as you have faith and trust with each other it will never die..Love may be a give and take, but for me as long as i have loved, loving I am happy with that..And I am very Thankful to have THE BEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! :) I also want to share with you that me and my bf are in a long distance relationship for almost 4 years now..& Yesterday we saw each other for just an hour, though an hour was not enough, but SEEING HIM and BEING WITH HIM for that whole hour WAS ENOUGH OF A REASON FOR ME TO BE HAPPY AND THANKFUL for everything:) And I never expected that he will give me a promise ring yesterday! ^_^ I was so happy and teared for joy! I am more than Blessed to have him in my life..So for me just being with him IS WHAT LOVE IS :)

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway & I was able to share my happiness with everyone :)

  102. Love...
    First Love your self...
    Love for all...
    Love to live...
    Love me more...

  103. love means caring for someone more than you care for yourself. it means putting others before yourself. it means wishing someone else the best even if it doesn't benefit you. love is everything. love is what makes the world goes 'round. =)

  104. Love for me is unconditional......may it be happiness or should always be there....Giving Importance & respect and Caring for someone without asking for anything in return are some ways of showing Love ....

  105. love means having someone care for u and in return you care for them aswell...having someone to cherish.

  106. Love is a feeling where you feel safe and secure with an individual or group. Although it may not be all happy, you'd still come running back to them after. You may get that tingling touch when your with them, or feel like you may be the happiest human being alive. To be able to have such a great life with your loved ones. Is what i think love is or can do to you.

  107. Love is compassion and respect for all. All' includes our loved ones, strangers, people we sometimes dislike, animals, our environment. With love, there's hope and 'growth'.

    Happy valentines!


  108. I think love is the feeling you just know when you are with someone you truly and deeply care about. It's a feeling you get when you are just willing to give up all the things you love for this one person whether is it your food, your drinks, or your life; they're someone you want to sacrifice for. I really think that without love, there wouldn't be much to live for.

    To love yourself is to love others, to love others is to love the world.

  109. Love means to be happy because you feel glad, sweet, amorous...

    Happy Valentines!

  110. Love is the way my husband holds my hand, or the giggle of my grandson as he hides behind a tree.
    Love is the way my grand daughter bats her eyes when she wants a new dress, or the proud twinkle in my mothers eyes when I walk into the room.
    Love is a babys first smile or a tear when a loved one has passed away.
    Love is inside of you waiting to be found, stop and look and you will see love is all around.

  111. Love is sharing and caring and much much more. It definetly is a very hard to describe emotion and feeling.

    your bracelet is so cute!!

    <3 Early Happy Vday!!

  112. love is learning to accept others faults and not holding them as weapons.

  113. Love is a feeling that can't be bought or forced. It's a connection between people regardless if you love each other or are in love. When it's real it's unbreakable and untouchable. Love can cause sadness and emotional pain but the benefits of experiencing true love makes anything worth width standing. True Love concurs all and is the one thing everyone should experience in their lives regardless of who they are and whatever their situation is.

  114. love means never seeing the glass half empty but always half full because there's always room for more and it's a never ending process :)

    thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  115. Love means is something to hold and cherish for good and bad times. Love is kind, patience and does not envy like in the bible script Corinthians - I hope I'm still qualify in this giveaway.

  116. Love is having that special someone whether it's family, friends, bf/gf, spouse or a pet to lean on when times are tough, having someone who's your best friend and who makes you smile, and someone who sees you differently than everyone else around you.

  117. love is feeling more than happiness when you are together, a kind of bliss that you share, knowing that we will always understand each other and be there for each other :)

    happy valentine's day everyone!