Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New items are up for sale

Im late letting you guys know this but I have internet issues from last night so new items been up for sale since last night, so all the sold out restocks are all now all sold out again, Im sorry will try stock up on it again soon.

Im sorry for any inconveniences that this have caused,, :/
I will be having new couture designs coming up!

again thank you for the overwhelming response in ordering your ekiLove♥



  1. Sorry to hear you had a toughie with the internet hun! I'm sure everyone understands <3!! Everything is beautiful as always!! Love Love!!

  2. Gorgeous updates! <3 & congrates on the sell out once again, eki! ^__^

  3. The locket necklace is nice. ^^
    Can I request that you make an iPhone pouch/case? I'd so buy that!

  4. Gorgeous and kawaii as always! The new polka dot pouch would match my binder so much! LOL ^^
    Are you sometime any soon going to make more hair accessories? ;D

  5. I'm your new fan from Spain, far from truth, jejeje, I just know you and I loved your designs are incredible, I hope to buy soon some of your jewelry

  6. Loving the keys! And that bow one too from before! I love how your pieces are like "statement" necklaces! :)