Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just a little update,


Im sorry for not posting and keep you guys updated with news on ekiLove items, I have run into some issue with getting my supplies and in the process of making a claim against a seller who will not send rest of my order or make an attempt to refund me either so this has been stressing me out since I really want to make new items but this have been keep me behind....

I am dealing with very dishonest store and paypal have not been great either since the seller have provided them with a tracking number so I am stuck will not having my full order and got scammed by them.

so If you are not buying item from ebay please beware since paypal only give buyer upper hand when you are buying from ebay since ebay owns paypal. So outside of ebay please beware since paypal dont care even if you have proof, they simply sides with the seller with tracking number even if you are missing items in your order.
I found out after I reread the user agreements in paypal..."If the seller presents evidence that they delivered the goods to your address, PayPal may find in favor of the seller even if you did not receive the goods."

I will NEVER be this kind of DISHONEST seller and take peoples hard earned money like that but some people have no shame.....

I will live and learn but will see that I will get my justice and I have already filed Better business bureau report and online scam report so please wish me luck!!

mean while I will have new items out soon but it will be very limited in selections,,, sorry
and also I will announce the winner of Jan's customer appreciation gift and FEB's gifts soon
Im sorry Im behind,, >_<

well take care and have a wonderful weekend!♥



  1. I'm still really sad to hear that you have been scammed >__<!! Thank you for sharing with us and keeping your composure after all of this! Please don't be too stressed about this and thank you for informing all of us about this PayPal ordeal and letting us know the relationship between PayPal and Ebay =)!

    I am so happy that you are not low like those who would steal from people who earned their money the hard way! Thank you Eki~~!

  2. So sorry to hear about the scam. hope everything went well for you :)

  3. aww. sorry to hear that scammers got you. :( but I can't wait for the new limited release items! I absolutely love the gold key with ab heart that I just got the other day. Don't worry about the wait. Good things come to those who wait! ^_^ ファイトえきちゃん!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about that! :( I will be more wary now!! Karma will definitely get them >:( I know you'd never do anything like that! What's wrong with people nowadays??

  5. I hope everything works out. :(

  6. oh-my-god..that's soo horrible...I pray for you to succeed this net-battle!!!! I really hate that situation too. it already happened to me, but it was on ebay. but still..i didn't like it anyway :(
    thanks for informing us about Paypal siding with sellers who got proof when its not on ebay... =\ feel helpless..but do stay strong! everyone is supporting ya! and thanks for informing us about your situation. great communication btwn seller & buyer, Eki! (i really honestly like that)

  7. It's just a shame! There are always dishonest seller but when we encounter one... I hope you will obtain the rest of you order...

  8. It's hard to believe how people would sacrifice their integrity for money nowadays. I'm so sorry to hear that dear. Please keep strong. We all here are supporting you. I hope your legal action will go well... :D

  9. I'm sorry to hear that Eki =/
    I sorta know what you're going through because I waited almost 2 months for my eyeko order but it never came =( I was really disappointed. And recently they just emailed me back (after 3 times of emailing them for an answer) they tell me that my order must have gotten lost -_-' I was infuriated. It just sucks to hope and wait for something that would never come in the end. But a good thing was, they said they would refund all of my money back. But I was still disappointed because of how long I waited. But Anyways, I hope you get your money back. Dishonest companies like that will get their karma. You know what they say...karama's a b!tch hehe! Good luck with you ^_^

    xoxo, Nikki

  10. *hugs*
    im so sorry to read this,hun.
    i guess you must really be stressed because of this. don't worry, im pretty sure that everything will be ok. There's good karma & also bad karma.

    from now on we'll be careful in dealing with untrusted sites.

    i hope that you'll be able to get what's due to you,hun.i really do.

  11. That's horrible that you got scammed! I really hope everything works out for you. I honestly didn't know Paypal was like that. This is all very disturbing to read about. Once again, I wish you all the luck with everything! Hang in there!

  12. Omg!! arghh makes me furious to know someone would do such a thing! I'm sorry you had to go through this *hug*. Don't stress too much love! Take things easy, and I am sure ekiLove customers won't be complaining because you are just too sweet and nice. If anybody does give you crap send them to me I will deal with them!! So take it easy hun <33

  13. That sucks!! But I agree with Erynn, karma will definitely get to them. There are all these random stupid people around who do stuff like that to other people, but soon people will notice that they are not good merchants and their business life will be over.

  14. Sorry to hear the bad news. Can't believe Paypal would do such a thing. Thanks for letting us know. I will be more careful now when paying through Paypal. Hope everything will work out soon and justice prevails.

  15. oh no Eki! I'm so sorry to hear that, that person should be ashamed of themselves.. But I agree with Erynn, Karma will come thrice as hard! so just keep your head up..

    I love your stuff and at least we know you'd never do that! but don't worry we still love you and your blog and appreciate everything you do!

    <3 khrisxtine

  16. so sorry Eki! It is such a shame that people try to make a living by being dishonest to other people :( I hope justice will be served and something happens so that no one else will be a victim!

  17. these people will pay for it. is bad because they are being so irresponsible, for long term, their business wouldn't run long

  18. Like I said in my email, I hope they get what they deserve and that you'll get a refund swiftly!

    I don't really understand why people would scam others as they'll lose a lot of customers along the way, but who knows what these dishonest people are thinking?

    & I think paypal is ridiculous. The seller could just have came up with a totally random tracking number and the file it as their "proof", crazy.

    Don't stress out too much, I'm sure they'll get what they justly deserve, and you'll get what you justly deserve also. :) & about you saying that you don't scam us...OF COURSE, like Erynn said, we already know that! Never ever! :) We put our full trust in you. ^___^

  19. I'm sorry to hear that...& thanks for telling us about paypals policies....don't be to stressed out...

  20. I'm sorry to hear that Eki. =( I will cross my fingers for you to seek justice on dishonest people. Karma will get them sooner or later. Thanks for letting us know about Paypal terms & conditions. So many companies are sneaky like that. Hope everything gets resolved for you.
    Have a wonderful weekend!! ^-^

  21. Sorry to hear that eki! That must be so frustrating to deal with... I hope it get resolved fast & you get at least your refund back or that company receives the karma it deserves.

  22. I so sorry to hear that Eki! It must be so frustrating and is so unfair. I never knew that about Paypal, I hope it gets worked out soon!

  23. What?! Nerve of some vendors! How can they do biz like that. I never understood it. But then again with Ebay some buyers are shady too! :( Ugh.. it's a total trust situation! I'm sorry to hear that this has been giving you stress! :(

    Hopefully the issue CAN be resolved and you get the rest of your order. But if not, at least you know one vendor that can't be trusted.

    Hang in there Eki!

  24. Oh no... how horrible! Good luck!!! *hugs*