Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy V-day LOVE winners


Thank you so much for expressing what you think LOVE means to you!
I really enjoyed reading your messages♥

Here are 2 Lovelies I have chosen based on what I feel love is all about :)
I was going to choose randomly but I couldnt just let some random generator pick such a great topic writers.

so here are to lovelies who I feel said it best what LOVE means to me :)

f.chiang said...

love means caring for someone more than you care for yourself. it means putting others before yourself. it means wishing someone else the best even if it doesn't benefit you. love is everything. love is what makes the world goes 'round. =)

Serena said... Love.

I feel that love can have many different meanings. One may love their significant other but love their friends too. It wouldn't be the same kind of love but it is still love. I think that love is a feeling, and emotion that arises when you have deep feelings for another. You bond with them on another level, a nonphysical one. I love my friends because I have some kind of unspoken bond with them that holds me to them, makes me care for them and want to be apart of thier lives [unless if it hurts them then I would leave]. When I said I love my boyfriend, I feel this love to be more passionate; it is more romantic.

If I had to generalize what love means to me, I believe love is a word used to express an unspoken bond one many have with another. It's a feeling you have towards someone you want to see happy, someone you care for deeply and would never want harm to him/ her/ or it [maybe it's an object? LOL]. Loving someone is wanting the best for them always.

Ladies please contact me :D

LOVE is really important thing in my life and it should be as said by most


I think its more like LOVE should be IN everything you DO in life
also LOVE applies to everything not just to your lovers♥

if everyone was more loving to everything and everyone around themselves it would make a world a better place, thats for sure ^0^

well thank you for stopping by as always and
girls, have a happy LOVE love day with your loved ones :)



  1. AHH!! I can't believe I won. =]

    My email is:

  2. adorable! :) congrats to the winners!

  3. way cute :D congrats to the winners!

  4. o.o im still in shock...
    trying to absorb the fact that i won o.o

    i don't know how to contact you besides here
    so heres my email :)

  5. Congrats to the winners!! =D Love is really Everything <33 Love you Eki!!!

  6. Congrats to the winners! They both gave some sweet answers! :)