Friday, January 29, 2010

sneak preview of items to come

Hi there♥

some ekiLove news :)

Thank you for the over whelming response to last batch of items! I am sorry the items sold out fast,, :( I try to have many in stock so I will try to get more in this time around! I have new pieces and I will have some of the sold out items will be back♥

And thank you so much for the kinds messages and compliments on the new flash intro~ it took me sometime to make but I am loving it :D
Also, currently collecting photos from my ekiLove customers modeling their favorite items so the gallery will be up soon also*hearts;so thank you to all the Lovelies for sending me your images and your love for ekiLove!! ^__^

News on the jewels:
Currently waiting on swarovski crystals to come in that I have ordered in bulk! so when that comes in I will have new bracelets~ in this new batch that is coming up in few days will not have any bracelets Im sorry :/
should be getting the swarovski's in in few more days so I am patiently waiting for my supplies!

This batch will now feature 18mm Heart crystals necklaces in either silver or in gold! so they are pretty big and pretty along with other new items :D

I will have the new items up for sale by Monday♥

Thank you for the LOVE, SUPPORT and patience!


ekilove kawaii bow necklace

ekiLove goldilocksekilove princess


  1. Your sneak peak with your upcoming pieces are gorgeous hun!! Very elegant <3!! Yay for ekiLove =D!!!

  2. Those earrings are so gorgeous! I'll be waiting for the bracelets, missed out on them last time! :(

  3. =D! I like the simplicity and cute bow on the necklace! Thank you for letting us have a sneak preview =)

  4. Your jewelry is sooo cute! I love them all! :)

  5. eki! These items are so gorgeous! I'm eying the pretty bow necklace with the large 18mm crystal too! Omgoodness, I'm going to go broke with all of your wonderful new items! <3

    Thanks for the sneak preview! I'll be waiting. :)

  6. wow these are so pretty! I best get a job quick so I can afford your gorgeous items!

  7. The preview items are so cute! I can't wait for you to put up your new batch since I missed out last time. Your last batch sold out TOO fast! I didn't even have a chance. Hopefully I can get something this time around. :D

  8. really really beautiful! can't wait!

  9. Oh Eki! Everything is gorgeous! And that bow piece looks like an amazing STATEMENT PIECE!! :)

  10. They're gorgeous! Hopefully I'll be able to buy one of your pieces before they're all sold out!

  11. Eagerly waiting for your hardwork to be posted ^__^~