Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Creations are now up!

Finally I got all the stuff up for sale!

Im sorry I could have it out yesterday....
takes so long putting everything together and i always dread doing it but like to present my products as best as I can!♥

Currently I am still waiting on supplies like sold 925 chains, beautiful toggle clasps for the bracelets and more swarovski crystals! So I will have more new items after I get my supplies in :D in the store are first time new stuff like bracelets and necklaces!

Bracelets are only 4 quantity at the moment since I am waiting on some toggle clasp I ordered fir for a hime I cant wait but I hope you like the current bracelet! when you click in now there is new ekiLove intro page and then it takes you to the store I hope you like it too!! it took me a while to make those pages LOL

ok I hope you like the new creations!!

ps, I am going to have customer fan page in the intro section so if you like for me to post your images in the gallery please send me your photos with you & your favorite ekiLove creation!! I really appreciate all your support♥



  1. Thank you for all your hardwork hun!!! Your pieces are amazing as always!!! Very very hime! Love love!! The new intro page is amazing! You modeling the pieces gives us a good reference! ekiLove keeps getting better and better <3!! <3 u!!

  2. These are very nice pouches, great job! The Alice in Wonderland dream is so hot now. :)

  3. OH NO!!! I checked your store too late today!!! You're already all sold out of the Hime Earrings and necklace =(!! Is there a chance that you'll be making more of those? ^.^

  4. I LOVE what you did to the intro page! The pieces are very cute! So kawaii!! your whole site is kawaii! LOL xD
    I will deff. buy more from you soon!(:

  5. Thanks for the hard work. But how can I order stuff from you?

  6. Hi Eki! Your new creations are just beautiful as always~
    Too bad I was not quick enough to pick up one of those gorgeous and elegant bracelets, did they really sell out that quick?! D= *need to build a time machine XD*
    Will definately look forward to more items from you in the future! Keep up the great work!

  7. I love everything Eki! Keep it up hun:)

  8. Oh more Alice cases!! THey're all love! But you know the black is my fave!!

  9. Eki,I emailed you a couple days ago about certain products that you were sold out of. Could you please respond to the email whenever you get a chance too.

  10. I wanted to buy some items, but they were sold out. I wanted if you were making more?

    I wanted the:

    Royal Love Necklace 16"
    Hime bracelet in pink rosaline swarovski pearls
    kawaii bow earrings in star rose AB ( i don want too much pink ;] )

    Are the earrings heavy?
    And are the metals sterling silver? ( i have sensitive skin)

  11. how much does this cost and do you ship to india..??