Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New creations! Alice Hime couture pouch, kawaii cases and coin pouches

Hi there!

Finally new items in my store :D
I have been really busy with this store, work and life in general so it took a while for me to make new items and posting them up, I hope you like my new creations! They took some time to make since they require lots of attention and LOVE♥

At the moment for the Holiday ekiLove is having FREE first class shipping on orders $50 or more within US and Canada, all other international orders are half off on orders $50 or more :)

also Angelica and cutie earrings are on special Holiday price!

Thank you so much for all that have entered in my giveaway and I hope you like my creation as well all of my creations are made with LOVE♥

also update with my crystal shipments,, still waiting for them to come from Australia... :/ I guess its the holiday so the postal service is slower?... :( so most of my past jewelry is still sold out.. Im sorry


  1. Yeah! \o/ I have been checking your site every few hours for several days now to add some goodies to my cart before ordering (I know I sound like an old dirty stalker lmao). Can't wait to receive them, wearing the kawaii wings earrings right now LOVE them ^^

  2. eki!!! these are SU-PA Kawaii!!!!!!!! love the coin pouch!!

  3. Omg, EKI! Your new stuff is just way too cute! I want to buy them all. Especially the Alice Hime Pouches. So kawaii. I really like the coin pouches too. (:


    And I love that b&w Alice print! And the wings.. oh the wings.... EKI you are LOVE!