Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kawaii anchor and Royal crown earrings plus restock of past earrings!


Long time no post of new creations, its because I have been sick and also getting high order numbers, tell you the truth I was overwhelmed for a bit trying to get the orders made and packaged since I like to put alot of love in each items I make so I wanted to make sure I did that to all the items that was made, so I didnt want to post new items till I made sure until I catched up :)

also I wanted to make sure to all the new visitors know that ekiLove is operated by me eki and only me so please understand that it will take some time for me to get your orders out since I have other orders in at the time. Order turn around time is usually 3-5 days and you will be notified of confirmation of your order once I get to your order and notification of your item being shipped out ^_^

to all the past ekiLove customers thank you so much for all the LOVE and support you guys give me it have put lots of smile on my face since words of appreciations means so much since its not easy operating a store by myself and it is so rewarding to hear your kind words and how much you love my creations!

I have 2 new earring designs! Also my past sold out items are back in stock but they are limited in supply, now you can choose in either clear ab or rose ab now!


  1. I'm not really into anchor but I Love this ones, so I'll have to order again, when I'm expecting my last order from you *sigh* stop making such cute pieces my wallet won't heal from it XD


    I got my heart and butterfly earrings today btw AND OMG ITS SOOO PRETTY! And you're a dear for adding the pink flower elastic band too T^T

    After finals are done with and i get a job, i am sooooo going to buy that anchor earring. And your past hime earrings. I love your earrings because its way bigger than others and thus more visible even with long hair. Most of my earrings always get cover up by my hair haha.

    Its official. I am hooked on your creations lols.

  3. Eki don't worry about your customers la~ Just get better, that's all that matters right now <3

    Sleep sleep, drink fluids drink fluids.


  4. So cute! :) Eki, I hope you feel better sweetie.

  5. AHOY MATEY!!! Those anchors are so cute! And the crowns very regal! ;) Good luck with all your massive xmas orders!! We all know it takes time, cuz EKI puts nuttin but LOVE in them! :)

  6. wow those anchors are huge! but I'm definitely liking them. :D can't wait to get more stuff from you. :) Good luck with the holiday orders!

  7. Yeah, you make the anchors look cute, pretty and girly! haha nice job :]

  8. Eki!! I really love those kawaii anchor earrings!! They are really cute! They look even better on you1! When I first saw them in your blog post, I wondered where you got them but then I realized you made them!!! =)! SO SO amazing!! ^.^