Saturday, November 21, 2009

sneak peak at new items to come!

Here is a little inside look at whats to come :)

been really busy busy with filling orders and creating new items at the same time along with custom orders,, X3

but Im always thinking about new items to create its the fun part LOL the acutal creating the item is the hard part most or all of my free time is consumed by creating the items :D

but that is my passion so its always so rewarding in the end when I see a finished products!

here are items I have made with the newest fabric that I got,

Rilakkuma cell phone/digi camera/ iPod case! it fits my canon powershot and Iphone perfectly!! working on other prints now :D

Also Alice Princess pouch! Still not done adding some crystal charm on it also working on the black Alice fabric now!

well thank you so mcuh for stopping by!

Still getting the gifts ready for the giveaway! I hope to have it up in few days♥



  1. You are so talented with makeup and your sewing/jewelry creations! Its not hard to believe I love every single one of your creations... but its totally bad for my wallet, haha =P

  2. OMG. Can I reserve that Alice pouch? ESPECIALLY if you plan on making a similar one in BLACK. It's adorable! Let me know!

  3. Oh my gosh! Your new items are so gorgeous. <3
    Totally kawaii.
    You should totally make an Alice cell phone case for a Behold. ;D Lol.

  4. I loveee the black lace you used for the Alice in Wonderland pouch!

  5. Love the Black Alice print you showed us before! But everything is coming out KAWAII as usuall! :)

  6. Omg I love them! they are so kawaii >.<
    I can only sew pencil cases. still learning, not a pro like u yet =(

  7. Oh I'm so excited about your new creations Eki. I love Alice in Wonderland! :)