Saturday, August 8, 2009

by popular request, more of cosmetic bags~

Hello loves~ :3

back by popular request
I made more of the requested item but even better since I got used to making them with more practice :D this time I made crystal zipper charm~ its optional if you like it <3

Hime pokadot B cosmetic pouch Qty 1*SOLD*

Hime pokadot B $20

does NOT come with the charm its optional:
crystal zipper charm $6

4X4X7 inches
zipper closure
square shaped
handle on the side for carrying

*FREE matching bow with Hime pokadot purchase

you can purchase for $5 :)
cupcake A cosmetic pouch
*alittle bigger in size than the original*
*SOLD*cupcake A cosmetic pouch $12

does NOT come with the charm its optional:
crystal zipper charm $6

4X2X8 inches
lace pearl handle

Crystal & faux pearl zipper charm

Just wanted to share alittle of what my sewing items looks like :D

All of the item I make are made with lots of attention and LOVE & each item takes me 2hour+ to make. I make them for the reason to share my passion of Kawaii , cuteness that you also love that maybe you cannot find at some stores~ that is why I started this store :3

they are no means factory quality but I do make them with lots of care and with quality

Thank you so much for your support & LOVE X3
Its really rewarding for me to make others happy with my creations and seeing your smile <3



  1. love your optional key chain dangler thing! :P simple but cute :D

  2. aww I love they keychain! I can't decide which creations I like best lol xD

  3. i loveeee...
    how do we buy them, if we wanted to?

  4. I'd like to purchase Hime pokadot B cosmetic pouch... how do you pay you??? My paypal is if you want to send me an invoice??? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi, I'm glad to see Cupcake A is back. I'd like to purchase it with the keychain (so total should be $18, + ? shipping). Pls send me paypal invoice to

  6. KAWAII bags!! Eki love you're on a KAWAII roll!! And the zipper charms are gorgeous! :)

    And YOU make me smile! :D

  7. ohh! i love the pictures of your sewing stuff! I must copy you! hahaha! girl, i'm such a cluts with sewing machines. I think i broke my mom's (oops). i bought a cheapo mini sewing machine (looks like a child's toy). i haven't tried it out yet. hahaha. wish me luck! <3 <3

  8. Eki:

    I came across your blog from Steph (DSK's) blog-- you've so many cute things! I really look forward to seeing more of your work, I love makeup bags!!